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Get ready to experience the unique blend of Americana, folk, and rock in Mark Jewett's upcoming single "Too Fast," featuring Sav Madigan and Katie Larson of The Accidentals. This track promises to be a standout addition to Mark's already impressive repertoire.


As a Michigan-based songwriter, Mark Jewett has carved a niche for himself with his insightful storytelling and a knack for blending diverse musical styles. His honest, introspective lyrics, laced with humor and drama, resonate with listeners who appreciate the efforts he puts into crafting his songs. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jason Isbell, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, and JD Souther, Mark creates music that spans the range from classic folk to Pink Floyd-esque soundscapes, offering a variety-filled sonic experience.


"Too Fast" delves into the overwhelming pace of life, serving as a creative outlet for the artist and the featured musicians to express this common struggle. Mark, a long-time admirer of The Accidentals, brought in Sav Buist and Katie Larson to inject the song with the energy and spark he envisioned. This collaboration underscores the track's message: "Time waits for no one!" The theme of time, a persistent muse for Mark, weaves through his music, reflecting his fascination and contemplation of its passage.

Too Fast - Album Cover (1400 x 1400 px) Photo by David Donher.png

OUT NOW: Too Fast

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